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“We enlighten, enrich and protect people’s lives by sharing technological innovation.”

N30i is an innovation center who promotes to develop new methods that benefit public good.  We are 501(c)(3) qualified non-for-profit organization. We freely exchange innovative ideas across all professional disciplines and industries.  By doing so, innovative ideas benefiting pubic can be discovered, elaborated and developed rapidly with minimum upfront cost and maximum influence to the public.   We seek to unlock the potential value of an idea by modifying existing technology to bring public good through a diversified way of thinking.

We break the conventional concept of technology ventures, which is typically based upon a profit maximization model limiting people's talent. Instead, N30i focuses on the beneficial impact of our solutions to the public through our members’ genuine interests and creativity.

Currently, our four focus areas to benefit the public are: eco-environment, public health, public saftey & eduction and financial advocacy.

What We've Got

Rapid Development - We develop and launch products and services in a fast and efficient way by leveraging high productivity gained from a pool of members with multi-disciplinary expertise.

Smart People - We have professionals in multiple industries  who are passionate about their ideas, work and N30i’s mission to help the public good.

Streamlined Platform - By taking full advantage of technology, we have developed an integrated user-friendly solution to support idea sharing, project management, collaboration, progress tracking, and transparent measurement for potential compensation. 

Unlimited Access Spaces - We have a virtual workspace for unlimited users.  Use of physical office space in major cities is also available upon request.   

Patented and Open Sourced Technology - In addition to open source technology, we also have our own-patented technology solution that can be leveraged for N30i’s projects. 

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Let us know about your expertise and interests. <more>

Grow ideas

  • See ideas and present your own ideas.
  • Grow your idea by being influenced by other ideas, and by reviewing active feedback from N30i members and the public. <more>

Develop projects

  • Find projects of your interest.  If not, make your own idea to become a project.
  • Make your idea become an N30i-sponsored project by popular vote by members.
  • Choose and participate in a project task by using your available time and expertise. <more>