N30i Club

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Member's benefits 

  1. Participate in multiple products and services developments need your skills. It requires your available time and interest only.
  2. Bring public good impact through your specialty.
  3. Interact with best people in various academia and business disciplines who are interested in your idea, and form an interest group.
  4. Receive constructive feedback from other professional about your idea and plan.
  5. Receive free administrative support including project management, legal, financial analysis.
  6. Benefit from open innovation methods while protecting you idea through NDA at best as a choice.
  7. Best of all, You are an innovator.

If your idea is selected as a sponsored project by n30i,  you have reach to a deep resource pool.  Club members who are interested in your project will help you.

Let us know your interest and expertise by submitting information below. 

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