About Us

ThE People Behind N30i

We enlighten, enrich and protect people’s lives by sharing technological innovation.

Who we are
N30i is a non-for-profit innovation center led by leading professionals, PhD candidates and students in various fields.

We are passionate about innovation to improve people's lives, and we are committed to providing experts to make these visions a reality.  We are headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with members in the United States and across the globe.

Our value

Great ideas come from everybody
In our time of abundant technological resources and networks, an innovation that improve people’s lives will come from anybody.

The free flow of innovative technology and ideas across knowledge strengthen the quality of innovation, expand the scope of application

Every idea has potential value for the public. Ideas evolve when they freely interact with other ideas and knowledge sources.  An idea with a weak value in one field can have a strong and inspirational application in other field.  Innovative technology thrives and becomes reality when it is built upon cross industries.

Smarts matter, speed matters. 
Innovation has a greater impact upon interaction with a greater number of diverse people.  It gains momentum to become a reality when it is developed through collective efforts of smart people, who are diversified in their way of thinking, who have unique professional skills, and who believe in a product’s value to deliver our public mission.

Technological innovation which impacts public good does not necessitate expensive R&D investments with profit

How we work