SAMPLE Projects

What we are working on currently

N30i currently has five projects under the categories of public health, go-green, financial advocacy, public safety and education.  Our projects include: development of a patient oriented health care information system in ER; payment without banking for under-served; and bio mass power generation.   Through new approaches to a product design, we improve people’s lives to be more eco-environmental, safe and efficient.  

A product line for under-served people
We branch out each project’s product line, especially for under-served people, to effectively bring them the same benefits of all products.

The application of one base platform to multiple projects
All projects are preceded currently under one base platform that utilizes open source information technology and our own-patented system. 

Public good impacts


Financial Advocay

Public Health


Alternative power




Mechanical engineering, solar panel, bio-mass

Web and mobile communication

Medical technology with mobile communication





I.O.U. & U.O.Me Project

Net pay is a mobile based payment system that integrated with existing banking services or provides ‘ value points’ that is redeemable in real goods to increase under-served people’s financial flexibility. This also can be applied to children and students.

Major mobile companies, banks and credit card companies have been focusing on the concept of mobile payment.  However, there are significant challenges including payment system regulation to secure consumer’s information. 

For Whom

  • Students, ederly or children who are too dangerous to carry cash or credit card.
  • Under-served people who cannot afford banking service.
  • Recipients of government welfare program.

Sky Blue Project

Skyblue is a mobile healthcare information management system that ensures the patient’s confidentially and information availability especially when an urgent care is critical.
When you are in an emergency situation, every second counts to save your life, the information about your health is critical to save your life, yet the information is not readily available unless you happened to be at the doctors’ office or hospital where you visit in regular basis. 

This challenge of information availability is caused by:

  1. heterogeneous information technology that are not integrated.
  2. incorrect notion of ownership of the individual’s health information.
  3. information security implementation under HIPAA at the expense information availability.

For Whom

  • People have difficulty to remember or even just to know their own medical information.
  • People who carried into emergency room either in being conscious or unconscious.
  • People in developing countries who rely on mobile phone as their primary communication.